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Cal and Taylor Van Conant


I started CrossFit back in 2012, and within the first week I told all of my family and friends that this was what I wanted to do. I love coaching CrossFit for so many reasons - whether it be the competitiveness it brings out in the quietest of people, the variance of the workout (heavy, light, fast,  long), weightlifting, or gymnastics. Its always something new! But the gratification that I get from watching someone pick up their feet and truly run to finish a workout (especially when you know where they started and how far they have come) gives me goosebumps. Its those kinds of things that lays the foundation to build an unmatched community. A community that keeps you consistent, pushes you, inspires you, and makes you stronger. As a coach, I hope to have this effect on all our members!


For as long as I can remember, I have always been active. I grew up with 4 brothers so knowing and playing sports was expected. In addition to playing sports, I was also in gymnastics and dance. During college I played around with activities such as cycling, triathlons, and swimming. Unfortunately, those did not stop me from gaining the dreaded "freshman 15" (or 20 I don't remember). So during my last winter break of college I decided to give CrossFit a try. After my first class, I knew I was going to love it! When I finished school, I took a big chunk of my graduation money and signed up for as many months of CrossFit as I could.

Since I've began CrossFit in 2012, I have learned to stop trying to be what society thinks you should be and start loving your body for every curve you have. I attained my CrossFit certificate so that I could help others push themselves to their greatest potential and to help them love themselves!




I found CrossFit in June of 2010 and have been firm believer in the methodology ever since. The variety and competitiveness drew me in initially, although what really kept me going is that I could truly measure my growth and see my improvements all along the way. Similar to my ambitions in my full time job of being a Registered Nurse, I received my CF-L1 trainer certificate because I truly enjoy helping others improve, and I want to be sure that I help them do it safely. Cal and Taylor have given me the opportunity to coach at Tusk since its beginning, and I am proud to have watched its growth over the years.



I started CrossFit in May of 2014. I had been a competitive gymnast for 10 years and had been offered a full ride scholarship to the University of Arizona for gymnastics, but an ankle injury prevented me from continuing in the sport. After not knowing what to do to workout after stopping gymnastics, I walked into a CrossFit gym and was immediately hooked after my first workout. I became stronger and more fit than I ever was as a gymnast. Soon after that I knew I wanted to start coaching. I love getting to share a part in our members’ fitness journeys and seeing people push themselves past what they think they can do!



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